Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Kidnap Scam

WhatsApp Kidnap Scam, How to harm WhatsApp Kidnap Scam for us?

WhatsApp is popular worldwide for instant messaging. Users use it to send messages, send video files, or share images. Apart from that, a lot of things can be done via the WhatsApp app. Although...
Facebook LOL Feature

What is Facebook LOL Feature?, and Know What will Happen

The full form of LOL is laughing out loud, it means that laugh out of control, to meet this need, Facebook is testing a lol name feature, which will soon come to public use, where...
WhatsApp New Feature

WhatsApp New Feature Soon for Watching Video through Notification

WhatsApp instant messaging is about to add a new feature soon. This feature will be used on all WhatsApp platforms. According to the latest media reports, WhatsApp users can now watch videos directly from...
WhatsApp Update Delete for Everyone Feature

WhatsApp Update Delete for Everyone Feature, Let’s know what is new?

The WhatsApp multimedia messaging platform is preparing to make a new update. As a result, the WhatsApp Update Delete for Everyone Feature has been updated. The company had lunched this feature last year. The...
Google Chrome Browser

New Google Chrome Browser Interface, Know Here Its Advantage

Due to the ever-increasing technology, all big companies are changing their technology every day, in which Google is also, Google is changing its technology fast. Recently Google has changed its Gmail service interface and...
G Suite App

G Suite App New Features Added, Learn English Grammar Easily

Google has added many features to the G Suite App, with the help of this app you can learn grammatical flaws. Google has released this feature specifically for Google Docs. Google implemented this update...
google jobs search

Google Jobs Search in India Creates New Feature | LinkedIn

Google will now also work in India to find the job through its search engine. During an event, Google has announced about starting your new features in the search engine to find the local google jobs search...
Google Lens

Google Lens Launched For All Smartphones With Android, Specialties

Good news for users who use smartphones with Android. Google Lens is now launched for all Android smartphone. The Google Lens functionality for all Android smartphones will be provided via photo Apps. Google Lens...
samsung largest storage device

Samsung Largest Storage Device Launched of World With 30TB Capacity

Samsung Largest Storage Device, Feature of Samsung Storage Device, Largest Storage Device of Other Company: Samsung Largest Storage Device The electronics company Samsung has made a big announcement about technology. Samsung launched the world’s largest storage device. Samsung Largest Storage Device...