Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Facebook LOL Feature

What is Facebook LOL Feature?, and Know What will Happen

The full form of LOL is laughing out loud, it means that laugh out of control, to meet this need, Facebook is testing a lol name feature, which will soon come to public use, where...
single id card

Government’s plan for launching a single id card for entire nation.

Indian peoples have many id cards, like Aadhaar, PAN, and Driver's License (DL) for any official work. Even if you have single or multiples work, due to this keeping all id cards in a...
Aarogya Setu app

Central Govt. launched Aarogya Setu app to track coronaviruses

On Google Play store, you can know about Aarogya Setu app the main goal of this app is to promote the initiative of the Ministry of Health. Image from Google Play Store The Govt. of Indian...

How Facebook is misleading the world – TechJosh

Facebook offers Free Basics, which is a service that makes the Internet accessible to billions of people across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Facebook provides these people with access to a range of free...
G Suite App

G Suite App New Features Added, Learn English Grammar Easily

Google has added many features to the G Suite App, with the help of this app you can learn grammatical flaws. Google has released this feature specifically for Google Docs. Google implemented this update...
Google Lens

Google Lens Launched For All Smartphones With Android, Specialties

Good news for users who use smartphones with Android. Google Lens is now launched for all Android smartphone. The Google Lens functionality for all Android smartphones will be provided via photo Apps. Google Lens...
Google Neighbourly

Google Neighbourly will be closed and launched in 2018

Google Neighbourly may be closed soon. This app had launched in India for local assistance in 2018. Google, a leading technology company, will be closing the Neighborhood app soon. This app was opening in 2018....
google and apple coronavirus app tracking

Google and Apple help Tracking Coronavirus in human body through your personal smartphone

The world's largest tech companies are constantly contributing to fighting Google and Apple Coronavirus. The two companies help health agencies to track communications and applications. How many crown patients are infected worldwide? how are...
Skype Users

Skype Users can Now Join Group Video Calls for Up to 50 People

With the introduction of patented Microsoft Skype video calls, users can now connect to 50 people at once. Previously, this video call platform can contain group calls of 25 people. With the latest Skype...
Kidnap Scam

WhatsApp Kidnap Scam, How to harm WhatsApp Kidnap Scam for us?

WhatsApp is popular worldwide for instant messaging. Users use it to send messages, send video files, or share images. Apart from that, a lot of things can be done via the WhatsApp app. Although...