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TechJosh is a web platform of tech enthusiasts who believe that technology should be accessible to everyone and strive to help everyone understand it. The purpose of the Vice President’s Blog site is to educate people about technology, electronics, computing and solve technical problems people face. Our goal is to highlight some issues that are not usually covered by major technology sites. We write how, tutorials, product and service reviews, topics about interesting trends, intellectual editorial content, topics related to activities in our community and interesting but less obvious things on the internet worth mentioning.

We are a community that engages in the activities of different groups such as our passion or hobby, however, like all societies, the cost of residency is not low. It takes a lot of money and human resources to maintain our network, servers, program mirrors and our community.

In return, there will be an opportunity for your product, service, or website:

  • Connect with thousands of readers daily.
  • Draw in our community and social circles.
  • Get high power on our website.
  • Get better visibility and ranking in search engines.
  • General increase.

Traffic statistics

Our traffic is moderate, but it consists of regular and dedicated readers of our forums and members of social networks, especially 5k + Facebook group members who are published every time a new article is published. The rest of the traffic is purely organic and is generated by the search engines and many blogs and forums on the Internet citing our articles. We believe in quality, not quantity, so we focus on natural content and engagement / virginity rather than promoting an unnatural online ranking. We also love objective accuracy and honesty, and try to keep our articles as accurate and fair as possible.

Some of our statistics are:

  • Over 11,400 readers, more and more from our very active Facebook groups and forums
  • 5400+ email and feed subscribers
  • More than 4,000 visitors a day
  • Mosaic field authority 51 and authority of page 42
  • IndiBlogger IndiRank 77/100
  • MozRank 4.92 and MozTrust 5.91

Advertising options

Do you have a product, service, or website that you want to increase user engagement? You can do this through the different advertising options that we offer.

Advertising banners and text link

We invite brands to place their ads on our website and gain insight with their daily readers through their banners and text links. Banner has always performed well for advertisers with flexible budgets and ad campaigns.

We have the following ad space available.

All around the site:

First 300 x 250 Sidebar: Immediately visible to users when the page is opened

Block link text for sidebar

Sidebar block 300 x 250 sec

300 x 600 Side Unit: Extra high and spacious advertising space with good visibility

Footer link block

Advertising content:

300 x 250/336 x 280/600 x 160/600 x 200/600 x 300 before block content: better clickthrough rate compared to other blocks

468 x 60/600 x 160 / Text link Medium block: In the middle of a reading, the page reaches the reader’s idea, good CTR

300 x 250/336 x 280/600 x 160/600 x 200/600 x 300 after block material: very good CTR

We also provide customized advertising space on request.

To purchase prizes and advertising space, you can email us at or fill out the form on the Contact Us page or talk to us using the Live Chat tool in the bottom right of the page.

Sponsored by Post

Brochures are another great way to advertise your product as an article. You can send us your report on any topic you choose that suits our prestige, which may have direct or indirect promotional references or backlinks to your product or service and we will do so as a guest contribution article. Let’s post. It provides thousands of readers daily, a back link with more authority to our website, more clarity and better position in search engines, more participation from our community members in general and better clarity and brand reputation.

The Sponsored Post will remain on the main page of our site for at least 5 business days, either via the content area or via the featured indicator.

Review our guidelines for Sponsored Posts here. To post your prices and flyers, you can send us an email at, or fill out the form on the Contact Us page, or talk to us using the Live Chat tool at the bottom right of the page.

Sponsored opinions

We love writing reviews and are happy to provide full, honest and accurate reviews of your product or service. We will explain to readers why your product is useful, all its aspects / characteristics and how it differs from other similar products on the market. If you believe that your product / service is not getting the attention you deserve, we will do our best to secure your investment in exchange for cash or in-kind contributions.

You can also ask us to write down how to direct your product and even organize gifts based on competition with our community. The options are endless. Do you have another plan? Tell us

For more details about spam reviews, you can email us at, fill out the form on the Contact Us page, or talk to us using the Live Chat tool in the bottom right of the page.

Long term partnership

Frequently asked questions from Tecno thank long-term partnerships with advertisers, sponsors, and people who can help us manage our community and network activities. In the long run, members will be part of our core team and introduce themselves across our network. In addition, partners will receive greater priority for their requests and dispute resolution decisions will be in their best interest.

If you want to be a part of us, send us an email to


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