Conquer Your Fear of Overcoming Challenges in 3 Simple Steps – Frank Geraci

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Challenges are a crucial part of life. Due to our lack of coping with them we become scared of them. These are hurdles which are very difficult to overcome. But once we learn to conquer this fear, it can work wonders in our life!

There are many people who claim to face a lot of obstacles in their life. Instead of being scared, we should fight back.

“Kites fly against the wind, not with the wind,” says Frank Geraci.

Watching kites fly in the air is so amazing. It won’t blow against the wind, but it will slip with the wind. Similarly, one has to face a lot of obstacles on their way to success, and one must learn how to manage those hurdles. The whole process allows us to become stronger. As a consequence of this, we are able to meet the challenges of the future. We have to fight an intense battle to achieve our goals.

Here are the 3 step formula we can learn and subsequently apply in our life:-

  1. Great things take time – We need to have patience and try to overcome challenges. Every individual has a particular set of skills. All of us face our own daily challenges. We can use our skills to find and improve adversities in our lives.

Working hard on our shortcomings helps. Sitting idle will not be beneficial here. A bird travels hundreds of kilometers to find food for its offspring. High heat or chilly cold weather does not seem to bother it. On the contrary, the mother bird can face all difficulties. Her main focus is to feed her children no matter what.

  1. Change of Perception – Our perspective to look at obstacles from clearer angles is very important here. Perhaps because of our own imperfections, we fail to see the positive side of any situation. If a glass has some water, some will say that it is half filled while some will say it is half empty. While the former indicates an optimistic perspective, the latter has a negative perception.

Reinventing new techniques and changing our mind really helps.

  1. Meditation – There should be harmony between the mind and the heart. Too much logic or too much emotions show this disharmony. We need  to take a deep breath and think about what can be done to eliminate this problem so that it does not appear again in the future.


Fear is very harmful as it blocks the flow of positive energy in our life. The determination to never give up will really help us in this regard. We should always learn from our mistakes, and remember that we are working.

In other words, we are in the process of eliminating this fear. Patience is the key factor here. As discussed above, once we understand how to apply these steps we will gradually realize that we can conquer the fear of overcoming challenges in our life and help others also in future.

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