Google and Apple help Tracking Coronavirus in human body through your personal smartphone

google and apple coronavirus app tracking

The world’s largest tech companies are constantly contributing to fighting Google and Apple Coronavirus. The two companies help health agencies to track communications and applications. How many crown patients are infected worldwide? how are you? How many other pluses are there? All this information is provided with your help. Smartphones for users also contribute to this work. You also know how these two companies use their phone against Coronavirus.

App Helps Government

The two companies’ call tracking apps work over Bluetooth. The government and public health authorities will make this application available in May. Apple and Google will launch application programming interfaces (APIs), which will help public health officials find contracts in the application. It will work on Android and iOS. Apple and Google have made it clear that the app will only be approved when users work closely with public health officials. Keep your data confidential and secure.

After a while, the application will not be necessary. that

The next step will be to use the Android and iOS operating system on the smartphone. Apple and Google will update the OS contact in the coming months. Users will not need the app when it is published. The two companies believe that the Coronavire series can be stopped by smartphones. With the help of the phone, the user will know that he does not come into contact with any affected crown.

How to Work This App?

  1. When (Man-A) and (Man-B) meet, their phones will exchange code between each other.

2. When you get infected, he will update the status in his App, and will allow a key to share with his database.

3. To match code, (Man-B’s) phone, Will keep downloading updates from the database, B will get an alert if any of the statements of identity are tested positive.

The app will not collect your current location

Apple and Google Contact Tracking will only be available to public health authorities. The two companies are constantly working with public health authorities on how to contact users using applications. If a person is infected with a virus, the system or any other user will not be able to detect it. Companies also determined that data related to the location of users will not be collected.

User details will not be shared

Except in two cases, Google and Apple have indicated that they will not share user data with the government or any other authority. If the user chooses the Kovid-19 report as positive and shares its details via the app. Only then will more user data be shared. However, no user will be promoted to use this app.

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