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whatsApp restore old chat

It often happens that we uninstall a WhatsApp app from our phone for some reason. In this case, after deleting the WhatsApp app, do you remember that we backed up our content? Talk to WhatsApp If you deleted the application without making a backup copy of the chat, you may have to deal with the problem. In fact, when you install the reinstallation message history, it means that WhatsApp asks if you want to restore old chat, but there is also a condition. The Whatsapp restore old chat for only 7 days. In such a case, if you want more and more chat date, you must adopt this method.

Steps for WhatsApp Restore old Chat

Step 1: Make a backup of WhatsApp on your phone’s SD card.

Step 2: If you have saved WhatsApp in Google Drive, you should separate it.

Step 3: After saving the backup on the Micro SD card, remove them from the phone and place them in the SD card reader.

Step 4: On the SD card, you must go back to / sd card / WhatsApp / Database in the backup version of WhatsApp, where you will see lots of files.

Step 5: You must find the msgstore.db.cryp file.

Step 6: After you receive the msgstore.db.cryp file, rename it to msgstore.db.cryptold.

Step 7: Now you have to choose your file based on the date or month in the database you want to back up.

Step 8: Select the file again and rename it as msgstore.db.crypt.

Step 9: After this operation, replace the micro SD card on the phone.

Step 10: Uninstall Whatsapp and install it again.

After this process, you can whatsApp restore old chat for 7 days or even before.

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