Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Controls Sensorless Sinusoidal 3 phase Gate

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Allegro Microsystems, LLC Controls Sensorless Sinusoidal 3 phase Gate Controller:

Sensorless Sinusoidal 3 phase Gate

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC  introduces a three-phase, no-sensor and brushless DC motor controller for use with the N-channel Power MOSFETs. The Allegro is designed specifically for the automotive market with applications designed to include engine cooling fans, water pumps, and oil. It is designed to provide engine control functions in a system where a microcontroller provides a communications interface to a central computer and intelligent fault and status management. The BEMF provides power and Allegro MicroSystems control over high voltage interfaces between the microcontroller and the ECU central and ignition switch. It can also operate the remote motor controller as a separate chip.

The motor is driven by a 3 phase DC motor sinusoidal current transformer that is selected phase shift, without the need for the stand-alone sensor, and control of the rear wattage of the motor (bemf). The Sensorless start-up system includes (front and rear) sensors and synchronization and allows the unit to operate in a wide range of engine and load combinations.

The A4964 provides three modes of control, a loop opening voltage control, a current control (torque reduction) and a closed-loop speed control that allows for use in a wide range of applications. Control mode, playback mode, and bridge parameters are programmed via a serial interface compatible with SPI. The current sensor amplifier provides one maximum current limit and the average current measurement on a serial interface.

Integrated diagnostics provides indicators for low voltage, high temperature and over current failures, and can protect power switches in most short circuit conditions. The A4964 is provided in both a 36-pin Enclosure and a 32-pin enclosure, both with an exposed thermal buffer to improve energy dissipation. The price of 1000 pieces is as follows:

• A4964KEVTR-J: $ 6.16

• A4964KJPTR-T: $ 6.59

About Allegro MicroSystems

Allegro Microsystems, Inc. is a global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of integrated high-power circuits and Hall effect sensors. Allegro is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sankin Electric, a $ 1 billion company based in Saitama, Japan, which manufactures semiconductors, discrete components, LED lamps and power supplies. Designed, manufactured, tested, marketed and serviced at a 250,000 square foot facility. It has also other factories as well as sales, design and marketing offices all over the world.

Allegro’s innovative system-wide solutions serve high-growth applications in the automotive, IT, office, industry, consumer, and communications markets, while its products and operations enhance its power and engine experience. Allegro MicroSystems also holds leading positions in applications for printers, scanners, copiers and portable devices (such as mobile phones).

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