Smart Light Switch For Smart Home Lighting By Power Integrations Enables

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Power Integrations, the leader in high reliability, LED controller, announced on October 19 a new reference design, DER-622. Which describes a wall smart light switch that complies with the most common wiring conditions in residential refill stations.

In general, smart-walled switches require wireless communication, vacancy detection/vacancy and voice control return neutral wires to operate the unit, which is not always adaptable. Non-neutral products are available for incandescent lamps because of the low-current. AC inputs allow passing through the load when the intelligent switch is in sleep mode insufficient to heat the filaments. However, for LED and compact fluorescent designs, high current standby of the internal power supply. The smart light switch can cause an unacceptable flash, often referred to as “ghost effect” caused by the accumulation of energy leakage into the lamp. Start the intermittent ignition and briefly activate the smart lights.

Link Switch-TN2

The DER-622 contains a low-power Bluetooth (ME) wall switch that consumes less than 500 μA in standby mode. The design is based on the integration of the current Link Switch-TN2 power smart light switch. Which has an inactive power consumption of less than 75 µA? Very low power consumption and high efficiency of light-load Compatibility with low power LED bulbs with rated power down to 3 watts. Which are ideal for non-neutral wall wires.

Link Switch-TN2 devices can be configured to support Flyback. Or Buck topology and provide highly accurate results, providing voltage regulation, greater than ± 3%. Integrated circuits improve system reliability by integrating many safety features including input and output overvoltage protection, high temperature, short circuit protection, and powerfully MOSET 725 V power. In DER-622, Link Switch -TN2 is used in a non-isolated Flyback topology and uses a half-wave AC correction entry to reduce the cost of the solution.

Provides two power supply outputs: 12V rail to control relays and 3.8 V rail to power controller Bluetooth LE.

Smart Light Switch For Smart Home Lighting

Lighting control products such as wall smart light switch and attendance sensors play an important role in improving the efficiency of household and building energy. Many smart homes have cables that conflict with available products or require new wiring. Which increases the cost and discourages product adoption. Simply for Link Switch-TN2 and very low power consumption. This intelligent solution allows for a stylish one-switch compatible with low consumption of LED bulbs and neutral wires.

Key applications include wireless smart light switch lighting control, occupancy, vacancy sensors, motion detectors, wall dimmers and shading controls.

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