How to Download Instagram Data, Follow the Simple 8 Steps

download instagram data

Facebook had to face severe criticism in the case of data leakage from Cambridge Analytica, after which founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg apologized to users. Then, a new feature has added on Instagram, with the help of users how can Download Instagram Data. I am going to tell you how to download your Instagram data. I have used the computer version for Download Instagram Data. You can go to the mobile phone and Download Instagram Data who data is want to download.

Follow the Simple 8 Steps for Download Instagram Data

Step 1

Go to the Instagram home page here, you must click your profile on the right side.

Step 2

On the Profile page, next to Edit profile, you will see there a Sibyl on the option and click on it.

Step 3

A Pop will come explicitly. Here you will see a privacy and security option, click it.

Step 4

You will reach a new page by simply clicking, where you will see many options.

Step 5

You will see an option to download and click on this option.

Step 6

Instagram will ask you to confirm the email address where you want to Download Instagram Data. Click Next.

Step 7

Then, you must enter your password, and then click Download Order.

Step 8

Instagram will then tell you that a link will be sent to your email. This process can take up to 48 hours.

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