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google jobs search

Google will now also work in India to find the job through its search engine. During an event, Google has announced about starting your new features in the search engine to find the local google jobs search easier. This feature was first introduced to Google I/O 2017. It is currently being implemented for users in India.

Job Search is part of Google for Jobs. Google Jobs Search connects job seekers and employers. Finding a job that fits your profile and finding a job is not that easy. After publishing professional websites, newspapers and notice boards, Google is now looking to become the leading destination for job search.

Google Jobs Search

With this new feature, people can search for jobs near them by typing “Local Jobs,” “Jobs for Beginners,” etc. Indians will get better results at google jobs search. Google claiming to work with many organizations, including FreshWorld, IBM Talent Management, Timesjobs, and Wide jobs so that better jobs can be created.

How to Makes Google Jobs Search Easy?

Google says its goal is to make available jobs in different locations in one place. The company says India has more than one million jobs, with more than 90,000 employees. Currently, users can find jobs based on their profession by filling in the address and place of work. More filters will be added in the future.

Collision with LinkedIn

This search feature on Google will reach LinkedIn. LinkedIn recently added a professional option where 500 million users can find new jobs and talk about recommending their contacts. Google says that in the fourth quarter of 2017, job searches rose by more than 45%. In this way, Google’s web service can best help users in Google job search.

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