Google Grasshopper App Launches, for Learn Initial Encoding Information

google grasshopper app

Google Grasshopper App Launched, a team of engineers will teach you free codecs on your phone, How to Use Google Grasshopper App?, Gmail Also Updates By Google:

Google Grasshopper App

Google has launched an application called Grasshopper. With the help of the Google Grasshopper App, users with initial encoding information can learn to code on their Smartphone. Google Grasshopper App has created by a team of Google Workshop programmers. Google has launched the Grasshopper App as a research.

How to Use Google Grasshopper App?

The Google Grasshopper App is designed by keeping the user in mind so that the user can easily learn initial coding on your phone. There are many challenges and quizzes in the application, which must be solved. The motive for creating Google Grasshopper App is to provide people with basic information about coding. In the application, you have to give a little time each day. Here you will receive coding information through many types of contests and games.

In an official statement, the company said that coding is a necessary skill, we want everyone to know this skill. On behalf of the company, it was said. We have created a Google has launched so that users can get coding information, which is very easy and fun.

Gmail Also Updates By Google

Gmail will have 6 important changes

Earlier, according to a report, Google acknowledged that the company is testing the new update in Gmail. He also mentioned in the report that Google will soon launch a new update in Gmail.

Statements: “In a statement to a media portal, the Google official acknowledged that the company is working on new Gmail updates. The new features continue to work in Gmail, so it’s not good to say anything now, yes, we think our team is working on the new features in Gmail.

What will be Changes?

Users can find many new features in new Gmail updates. After updates, users will have direct access to Google Calendar from Gmail in the new Gmail look. This will make users who use Outlook very easy.

Users can see these new features in new Gmail updates:


Users can defer any new mail. These features will work just like repeated warnings. With this feature, delayed mail will appear in your mailbox after a while. With this feature, users can delete mail from their inboxes, which cannot be retrieved immediately.

Auto Reply

After new updates, iPhone and Android users can turn on the auto-reply option in their Gmail account.


Fleet Mail will also be improved in Gmail. Like Google Maps, Google works on Google’s ability to further improve offline features. However, the official announcement on behalf of Google has not been made since the new design.

The application will be easily accessible

In new updates, users will not have to close their Gmail account to access apps. Conversely, users can easily access G Suite from Gmail.

These things do not need to be written

After this update, users will not need to write to reply to email. Responses to Gmail users can be found in pre-written options, such as Thanks, to get started.

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