Google Map Launched New Feature for Report Road Accident and Overspreading

Google Map

Google Map Navigation users can also report traffic accidents and extra expenses on the road. Google has launched this navigation app with waze features with a speed slot and the inspiring crash reports option. Initially, this feature will only be used by Android users, but will soon be available to iPhone users.

How to Use Google Map?

  • According to the report, this feature is available to report traffic accidents and excessive spending for all Android users worldwide.
  • This function will be specifically assigned to the Add Report function, which will allow the user to report incidents and high speed when using Google Map Navigation.
  • It can be used as a waze application. When you use Google Map Navigation, the “Add report” option opens. You can open it using the Report button on the navigation screen. The report button is located beneath the volume buttons and magnifying glass.
  • Once you click the “Add report” option, the user can report and distribute the incidents directly from Google.
  • Google will also display report statistics prepared by the rest of the users, so they can choose that path.
  • The most special feature will be considered the beginning of navigation in the Google Map. The user will not only report accidents and speed, but will also report traffic jams and road closures.
  • Although Google has not made any official announcement about this feature, its use has not been explained.

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