Facebook Clear History – How to Delete Facebook Search History Permanently?

Facebook Clear History

Many users have long waited for the privacy feature of Facebook. The name of this feature is Facebook Clear History. With this feature, users can delete facebook search history permanently. This information was provided by David Feiner, CFO of the company. According to the company, this feature will be implemented for users by the end of 2019. This means that if the user is interested in Facebook Clear History, which information is collected by Facebook, this feature can help them.

Facebook users interact with sites and applications that use data, analytics, and add-ons. After launching Facebook Clear History, users can delete their browsing history from the Facebook data store.

How to Work Facebook Clear History?

This feature will be like a web browser option. In this, users delete their log and cookies in the cache. In addition, users will also know the app or website they visited. This information will be completely removed from your account.

There were multiple counts of manipulating user data on Facebook. Many of these phrases in 2018 destroyed Facebook’s image.

87 Million User Data Deleted

It is reported that the British consulting firm Cambridge, Indonesia, has misused data from millions of Facebook users. These data were used in 2016 for the US presidential election.

The case of Cambridge consultant Anelika has not yet been settled, but another case was filed in September. In this case, millions of users were found to have access to hackers via the Facebook feature.

The UK’s traditional committee provided information about the conversation with Facebook’s CEO, who said Facebook said user data was not the priority.

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