What is Facebook LOL Feature?, and Know What will Happen

Facebook LOL Feature

The full form of LOL is laughing out loud, it means that laugh out of control, to meet this need, Facebook is testing a lol name feature, which will soon come to public¬†use, where many memes and GIFs are given. Users can also share them. This section is currently in tests. If the report indicates that the company is testing Facebook LOL Feature for 100 secondary schools users. The company has signed a confidentiality agreement with these users. In addition to these users, Facebook administrators also test this section or feature. “We are testing this application on a small scale, and this concept is in its early stages,” a Facebook’s expert said.

How to Work Facebook LOL Feature?

At present, it is difficult to say that Facebook LOL Feature will be a separate application or that it will be displayed as a section in the same application. Like Instagram feeds, Facebook LOL Feature will include several categories for you, animation, jokes and more. With this, users can access any category using GIFs and GIFS. The content mentioned here is taken from different pages of the sites available on Facebook. This video will be shown in short clips. After clicking it, the screen stretches. It can also be fast. These videos will also be seen through different reactions.

What is Bad Impact of Facebook LOL

We know that some things that are beneficial for us, but sometimes the same things also become the cause of danger for us. If we talk about Facebook’s LOL feature, then it is also completely friendly for us, but if we look at the other angle, then it is also an unfriendly for us, especially for the children.

“It is not right to create a separate platform for a child, and the content is not only guided by it, but attempts are being made to keep children in the classroom,” said social networking expert Anoop Mishra. “The social media gap around the world is trying to make children lessen the screen. In such a move, Facebook will increase the time of the children’s screen instead of reducing it. ”

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