Essential features and Development cost of Medication tracker app

Development cost of Medication tracker app

In the busy schedule life, it’s challenging to take care of our health, and it’s even more challenging to follow the proper routine. According to the national council on patient information and education (NCPIE), old age people use more medicines. They generally forget to take their medication on time. So, for those people who find difficulties to manage their pill routine, a daily pill reminder app must be needed.

These apps are so much crucial for our better health and wellness. According to the latest report, it has been proved that due to medication non adherence, around 125,000 deaths happen per year.

About Health and pill reminder medication app

In this modern era, we know that “Health is Wealth.” “Health is Wealth” is a popular saying which relates to the importance of health. Health is one of our biggest assets that stays with us in our good and bad times. Nowadays, it is become tough to monitor the health and taking prescribed pills regularly at the given time. But now, with the help of mobile medication apps, it becomes easier to take care of your health and having pills on time.

Now more and more app development companies are building apps that help them to monitor the health and customize schedule according to medicine timings.

If you want to invest in building medication app, then this blog for you and it is also for all Android/iOS app developer that helps you to understand the on-demand feature of this app. You can help all the busy and old person through building a pill reminder medication app that helps them to take care of the health and have medicines on time.

Features of Pill reminder medication app development

Let’s see the features that need to be integrated before pill reminder & medication apps development:

Reminder: To set a reminder is the most crucial feature of this app. this feature helps users to set the reminder for his/her prescribed medicines by the doctors, including morning, evening, and afternoon doses.

Alerts: Alerts feature allows users to know if they would not run out of their any necessary pills of any time. This feature helps users to notify about the time of medicine.

Track history: This feature allows users to track the history of medicines that you have taken. It will enable users to know about the history of medicines.

Subscription Renewal Feature: With this integrated feature in the app, it automatically sends a reminder in the form of notification alert to patients and doctors that the prescription of the medicine is about to expire. So, the patient can fill the online form and sent to the doctor so that he can change the prescription according to his health status.

Let’s know the benefits of pill reminder & meditation tracker apps:

  • It helps the users to maintain the continuity in taking their pills by sending an alert.
  • It keeps your complete medical record.
  • The functions of these apps are so easy to use.
  • It offers user-friendly functionality and you can also edit the records easily.
  • Helps old and working men/women
  • Flexibility to create a schedule for each medicine timing precisely
  • Enhance Health Status
  • Set reminder in the form of alerts on your smart devices
  • Prevents you from taking the wrong pills on wrong time.
  • Reminders in the form of simple notifications on your phone
  • Help you and your doctor to monitor your progress.

How much cost required to make a pill- reminder medication app?

The cost of pill reminder medication app depends on various factors, and the cost varies according to the following factors:

  • The price depends on the application type as there are three types of application such as native apps, hybrid apps, and web apps.
  • The cost may depend on the features and functionalities of the app.
  • The price may depend on the size of the development team.
  • The amount may depend on the maintenance of the app.
  • The cost may depend on the design of the app as customized UI is more expensive than standard UI.


If you also want to design a pill reminder medication app and start earning from it, then make sure to integrate the above-mentioned feature. Contact to the top mobile app development company to build this app for your startup. If you have any query regarding mobile app development, then keep in touch with us!

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