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DigiLocker Application

Keeping a copy of your personal and important documents may also be dangerous sometimes because the fear of losing it still exists. In solving the same problem, the Indian government launched an Application whereby users can keep a copy of all their personal and important documents. The name of this application is DigiLocker Application. It is a fully Digital Based platform where you can keep all important documents and files with full protection. Whereby, this will not require users to have actual documents.

How does DigiLocker Work?

First, you need to download the DigiLocker Application by visiting the Google Play store. After installation, registration must be done using the Aadhar card. For this, you must have a number associated with your database. Now enter your mobile number. After that, you will receive OTP and enter it. After that, you will need to create a password by entering your e-mail ID. This will create your account. A pop-up message will appear now if you want to set a mobile PIN or not. You can also skip it.

  1. Now on the page that will open, click on the message to link the aadhar number in the notification and enter your aadhar number. After that, you will receive OTP and enter it.
  2. You will now see option 1 documents released on the page that will open. Here is the details of your rule. Then, you can upload the documents by clicking “Upload” above three options above.
  3. When you upload your documents, the number of copies of the published documents will increase. The number of documents you have uploaded (if 5 documents are downloaded here, 5 documents are released here), the number will be written.

DigiLocker Application Also Help in Drivery License check

If you are driving a vehicle that time it is a most important task for keeping driver documents as a own security, then you can save drivery documents in your Digi lockers. As for showing own documents on the front of traffic police, because traffic police also have Digi locker app. Note that the passenger must have an Aadhar card because DigiLocker Application will open from its Aadhaar number.

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