WhatsApp New Feature Soon for Watching Video through Notification

WhatsApp New Feature

WhatsApp instant messaging is about to add a new feature soon. This feature will be used on all WhatsApp platforms. According to the latest media reports, WhatsApp users can now watch videos directly from notifications. Users will not need to open the app. In this way, users can also watch live videos such as text messages and photos. Previously, users had to open the app to watch the videos provided. For this reason, Blue Teak appears in the last scene of WhatsApp.

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Already WhatsApp New Feature Added

Even before that, WhatsApp has added many new features to its platform based on user needs. A few days ago, WhatsApp implemented the features ADD Contact and QR Code. Tell us that by adding a contact, users can add a new number when they use Whatsapp. When you do this, the contact will enter the user’s contact list. Apart from this, any user can share his numbers immediately with any QR code function.

According to WABetaInfo, these features are not available on iOS and Android. The company is currently working on these features. Can be officially launched in the coming times.

ADD Contact Feature

Previously, each time a contact had to be saved, the user had to click ADD. In doing so, WhatsApp takes the user directly to the phone contact list. This feature will now be replaced or redesigned and named as Add a Contact. After this feature is accessed, the user can save contacts without leaving WhatsApp. Tell us that the user will also have to select the country when the contact is registered. Only then would that be a contact.

QR Code

With this, users can easily share their numbers or information with others. Tell us that this feature will work just like the QR Code works on Instagram and Facebook.

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