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frank geraci

Being in life for years, Frank Geraci has acquired timeless knowledge that he wishes to impart to budding entrepreneurs. Here is his advice:

There is no age to be an entrepreneur, but whenever you start making a decision, make sure you are well prepared, especially if you are just starting out in college. Don’t accept a hit or a tried-and-true method. It is not about entrepreneurship. Yes or no. Do it when you are ready.

Every aspiring entrepreneur sometimes needs a few words of encouragement. Having worked in the industry for nearly two decades. At Kerubil, we believe that patience is of paramount importance to business success. Success is not instantaneous. This comes at a time when the company is working hard to achieve the goals set in a well-defined strategy. Even if you find the right path, small setbacks still await you. If Overcome it and clearly show the way to others, especially your employees, you will be successful.

Every new entrepreneur faces challenges early in their career. While some face these challenges, many are losing hope. Having worked in the industry for a decade. Here are some tips for budding entrepreneurs: “Never focus on your goal. Young entrepreneurs may find themselves a daunting task ahead when they start running their businesses. Well-defined patience is key to Plan A, Plan B and C. Hard work and focuses definitely pays off.”

Frank Geraci stresses the importance of an “entrepreneurial mindset”: “Young people should start thinking like entrepreneurs rather than employees. You often come across highly qualified candidates who have strong qualifications, certifications, qualifications, etc. but do not have the right attitude to be a successful entrepreneur. For this reason, you often tell your employees, “You are the CEO of your department, not the manager. Think and act this way, and take the utmost responsibility.”

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