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Education, trade or business in India has never been considered a long time ago. But the commercialization of Higher Education and forced students and their parents to be cautious about educational institutions. The results of the 12th class were announced and students seeking to enter various colleges and universities, they need training and do not suffer from high and misleading data made by some colleges and universities in brochures and leaflets.

Higher Education is a “service” under the Consumer Protection Act 1986 to colleges and universities under the Consumer Protection Act. In case of lack of services and unfair trade practices, students/ parents/guardians have the right to file a complaint at the consumer forum against them.

Consumer Protection Act

It was one of the most important decisions taken by the National Commission in the case of Polish Khorana and others compared to the Vishwa Buddha Parishad, vol. (2001) CPJ 74 (NC), where the question of whether education is a service under the Consumer Protection Act, suggested 1986. The case proceedings that Bishua Budha Parishad for an educational institution, National Newspapers that invite applications from students for admission to the BDS course. Parishad wrote that the college was affiliated with “the University of Magadh and Bihar and the Dental Council of India, New Delhi.”


Students in good faith and good faith, accept accurate and accurate information Parshad has expanded admission to BDS and pays a large sum as required by this educational institute under various heads. She attended classes regularly throughout the course. However, applicants have implicated eleven students in university examinations that would take place, not in sight. Prosecutors and their parents, the school asked why the annual review was not carried out in a timely manner by Magadh University. Despite the number of requests and reminders of the complaint, no examination dates are reported.

Finally, the complainants approached the authority of the government and came to know that the school was not affiliated with the Magadh University nor recognized by the Dental Board of India and that it could not take examinations. Prosecutors allege that he had suffered an irreparable loss and the damage caused by these acts to this educational institution has filed a complaint claiming the National Commission compensation in the amount of Rs 1,21,94,000 /-. The college claimed that it had taken all possible measures to recognize the university. Despite their affiliation efforts that he can not obtain for reasons beyond his control of this institution. The reason was not checked due to delay by the Dental Board of India to conduct the inspection.

 Higher Education Institution Pay

The National Commission found that the provision of education through an educational institution for examination is included in the “service” as defined in the CP. Verb. In addition, students have paid for services that will be provided through the provision of education through the Higher Education institution. The plaintiffs hired the defendant for consideration and were, therefore, consumers as specified in the CP Act. As a result, the college committee ordered the admission fee expenses of the students paid at the time of admission with interest at a rate of 12% PA from the date of receipt of the fees paid so far and also led the Institute to pay RP 20000 /-.

Every student to receive compensation for psychological torment and harassment. Parents and students must always check the details of college or university and of course in seeking to enter and will not fall prey to misleading advertising. You have the right as a consumer to recover fees if you feel that your organization has been under-served. For more information, please visit the University Grants Commission website or AICTE to see if the college or university you are seeking to accept is recognized or not.

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