How to Read WhatsApp Messages without Telling the Sender?

WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp has added many new features to users’ convenience in recent years. When the WhatsApp application was launched, users did not know that they had not reached the WhatsApp Messages sent to a user. For this reason, users had to deal with problems. The WhatsApp application has added a double mark with blue mark applications to resolve this WhatsApp Messages issue.

Many users have had to face privacy risks if this feature has benefited many users. If you send a message to a user on the WhatsApp application, you will get a double mark once you have a message. Similarly, if the person you sent the WhatsApp Messages to see or reads your message, the blue mark will be visible.

Often, we find ourselves in this position where we do not want the manager to know that we have read his message or want his personal space, so he has to separate Reed Receipt from Whatsapp settings. When you do this, you will not even know whether anyone has read your WhatsApp Messages or not. Therefore, we will give you some steps that you will not see the front where the blue mark without closing the Reed receipts.

Steps to Hide Double Blue Mark in WhatsApp Messages

Once you have a message on your phone, you can access the notification panel from your smartphone and activate flight mode.

After that, go to WhatsApp and read all your WhatsApp Messages.

Now also close the WhatsApp application with background and forward.

Return to the Notifications panel and activate the airplane mode.

When you do this, the sender will not see the blue check mark and will also read the message.

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