Samsung Largest Storage Device Launched of World With 30TB Capacity

samsung largest storage device

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Samsung Largest Storage Device

The electronics company Samsung has made a big announcement about technology. Samsung launched the world’s largest storage device. Samsung Largest Storage Device provided a PM1643 on Tuesday. As part of this ambitious project by Samsung, the Samsung Largest Storage Device has provided 30 terabytes of storage. The display device is 2.5 inches. Users of this Samsung Largest Storage Device can download 5,700 HD movies. In other words, 500 days of video can be stored on the device.

Speaking of software, the PM1643 storage device works with the ISK algorithm (error correction). With the help of this technology, the data backup is more secure on the machine, in addition to providing you need less maintenance. The Samsung Largest Storage Device also contains metadata protection and data retention. Your approval can also easily recover the device by damaging the power outages.

The company can view several versions of the device this year, including 15.36 terabytes, 7.68 terabytes, 3.84 terabytes and 1.92 terabytes, apart from that, it speaks less than 1TB of storage. The company can launch versions of 960GB and 860GB by the end of the year.

Feature of Samsung Storage Device

The Samsung Largest Storage Device works safer and faster than the previous generation. The device has a 12 Gbps SAS interface, with writing and writing speeds up to 400,000 EOB (second in I/O operations) and up to 50,000 UPS. In addition, the serial read and write speed of the device is 2100 Mbps and 1700 Mbps.

With the launch of these devices, the company has many sectors in mind. The company wants to target government institutions, financial services, health services, education, social networks, retail and commercial services.

Largest Storage Device of Other Company

Before Samsung Largest Storage Device 15TB PM1643, users like many storage devices from other companies, including the critical MX500, the Toshiba Q300, the Integral P Series 4, the Kingston KC400 plug and the Blue Dam plug.

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