Sony Bravia X9000F Smart TV Launches, Price, Features, and Competitor

Among the growing demand for Smart TV, Sony, which produces electronic and consumer products, has launched three types of Sony Bravia X9000F Smart TV which are Bravia KD-85X9000F, Bravia KD-65X9000F, and Bravia KD-55X9000F. In India, the initial price of these smart TVs remained at Rs 2,39,000. Sony Bravia X9000F Smart TV will be competing directly with Samsung Mall Smart TV which is launched in the current.

Features of Sony Bravia X9000F Smart TV

When talking about Sony’s Sony HD 4K TV, it is launched at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The Bravia KD-85X9000F features have an 85-inch screen, Bravia KD-65X9000F has a 65-inch and Bravia KD-55X9000F has 55 inches. It will be equipped with an HDR X1 Extreme 4K processor on the Smart TV, as well as a tri-luminous screen display. Apart from that, it will be equipped with a 4K X-Reality PRO video processor and an X-motion clarity motion sensor. This smart TV will run on Android NoG71 7.0 OS and the Sony user interface. This device has 16GB of internal storage, and you can connect to your smartphone via your Chromecast. Speaking of the sound quality of this smart TV, Dolby Digital, Dolvi Digital Plus, Dolvi Plus has received.

Samsung Wall Smart TV Features

Sony Bravia X9000F Smart TV will be competing directly with Samsung Mall Smart TV which is launched in the current.

Since the TV name is “wall”, the TV function is similar. The TV is 146 inches long. But if less, its properties can be useful. How much can be done by connecting the TV screen to another unit? Samsung said that by increasing the screen there would be no reduction in quality. MicroLED is part of the painting technique. This technique works like OLED, and its own pixels generate light on their own. In short, under this technique, the pixels are turned on and off. This technology has great contrast and unstable image quality.

Previously, LG has introduced an 8-inch OLED screen and 88-inch resolution. LG branded an OLED screen with an accuracy of 8 KB as a milestone in technology. Note that OLED 88-inch OLED display is by far the highest display.

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