These two major changes in WhatsApp, make it easy to send app updates, photos and videos

WhatsApp feature update

WhatsApp announced two major changes for iOS users. After the last update of WhatsApp, users will be able to view large images and videos in preview mode. WhatsApp has improved the Disappearing Message feature with its new update.

All these new updates will appear in the latest version of WhatsApp 2.21.71 iOS. All of these updates are available on the Apple App Store. If you don’t see any new WhatsApp updates, you might have to wait for a little.

What will change?

Until now, users have shared pictures or videos on WhatsApp, so you used to see the previously viewed images and videos are very small. But after the new update, the small section of WhatsApp pictures and videos will appear very large. According to the leaked report, the update for this function will also be released soon in the Android version. However, details of the launch were not disclosed.

Administrator rights will be removed

So far, the administrator has had all the rights related to the WhatsApp group message. But with the new update, the rest of the message handling functionality will be extended to other group members as well. However, anyone that you want to add to the group and anyone that you want to remove from the group. All these rights will remain with the administrator.

In addition, a group administrator can only change administrators by changing settings. Let us tell you that in November of last year the disappearing messages feature for groups was launched.

By activating this function, the message sent in the chat is automatically deleted after seven days. WhatsApp has released this feature for both in-person and group chat. Frustration messages cannot be conveyed. But the message can be copied. In addition to that, it can also take screenshots. You can manually turn this feature on or off.

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