Xiaomi MIUI 10 Smartphone Added 5 New Features for Indian Users

Xiaomi MIUI 10 smartphone

Xiaomi has added 5 new features in the MIUI10 interface for Indian Smartphone users. Xiaomi had launched the Xiaomi MIUI 10 Smartphone with the new interface in China last month. It has been released in the latest versions of the Xiaomi Mi 6, Mi 5, Mi MIX 2X, Mi MIX 2, Mi MIX, Mi Note 2, Redmi Y2 and Redmi Note 5 (Redmi Note 5 Pro). Xiaomi will change the features and interfaces of all your Smartphone Gradually.

Xiaomi Smartphone has a large base of users in India. The Mi8 series had launched in China, recently has launched in India, will be launched with following features. MIUI10 will be launched with these 5 exclusive features in India.

Added 5 New Features in Xiaomi MIUI 10 Smartphone

Add Paytm in the camera app

There are many users of Paytm in India. Since the ban in 2016, the number of Paytm users and digital portfolios has increased significantly. People use Paytm to transfer money and purchases. A Paytm application will be added with the Xiaomi MIUI 10 Smartphone user interface camera feature. After adding this feature to the built-in camera application, users can easily launch Paytm through the camera and pay for it. Users do not need to open Paytm separately.

Add Mi-Browser and Web Applications

Added user interface Xiaomi MIUI 10 Smartphone standard browser. This browser has been added exclusively to Indian users. With this browser, you can directly access apps like Wave, Oio, Flipkart, Book My App, and Make My Trip.

Add Mi Music

This new feature will also be added to Indian users in Xiaomi MIUI 10 Smartphone. With this application, you can listen to more than 10 million songs in 15 languages. For this, Xiaomi has entered into a partnership with more than 400 music supplier.

Add Mi video

The video app will also be added to Xiaomi MIUI 10 Smartphone for Indian users. With this app, you can watch more than 5,000,000 hours of video in 15 languages.

Add Quick menu in the message

In the Xiaomi MIUI 10 Smartphone, users will be added to the quick list of the message. This feature has also been added taking into account for Indian users. Additionally, support has been added for the message sender ID to the interface.

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