How to Protect Facebook Account through follow some simple steps?

Facebook Account

Since 2018, Facebook has struggled to socialize one by one. Since then, there has been little news in the privacy of Facebook users. This has access to hackers on many millions of users’ privacy and data. Now another new scam has emerged.

According to the security firm Upguard, the records of users in two batch have been collected and given to third-party companies. More than 540 million Facebook users who used the Amazon Cloud service had an impact on them. The second set of records was compiled by the Pool application, so 22000 passwords were outside the security range. In response, Facebook states that the company’s policy prohibits storing data in public databases and that the company is working to eliminate it using Amazon.

Steps to Protect Facebook Account

But it is more important than the news that reminds us of certain steps. This can ensure that your account is secure. To protect your Facebook Account data, you can:
• Do not use your Facebook Account password anywhere else.
• Most common but most important. Do not share your password with anyone.
• Avoid using the common word or your name in your password. Your password should be a little tricky.
• Use additional security features.
• Make sure your e-mail account is secure.
• Always remember to log off if you share your computer with someone or use Facebook Account on another user’s computer.
• Use antivirus software on your computer.
• Before clicking or downloading anything, find out if it looks suspicious, do not click and download.

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