Skype Users can Now Join Group Video Calls for Up to 50 People

Skype Users

With the introduction of patented Microsoft Skype video calls, users can now connect to 50 people at once. Previously, this video call platform can contain group calls of 25 people. With the latest Skype updates, this feature will be available. In addition, the audio and video buttons in Skype will be activated. With this, users can turn on or off the microphone and web camera according to their needs while chatting with the larger group.

According to Skype’s blog, the call ringering feature in the application version will eventually be opened. Information about the incoming call will be sent via a notification in the group. According to the company’s blog post, when the call starts in a group, group members are notified to send notifications instead of the incoming call. At this time, Skype features are available for beta testers. This feature can be extended to other users later.

Not long ago, Reliance Jio launched the Jio Group Talk application for its users. With this application, you can make group group calls. With this collective application, you can talk with 10 people at once. The Jio Group Talk application works on the VoLTE 4G network, improving the sound quality of HD.

In addition to conference calls, Jio Group Talk also includes features such as conference mode and participant silence. With this feature, you can silence any user and give lectures. The advantage of this application is that with this application, you can also connect to fixed users. To start the meeting, the number of all members of your mobile phone or directory must be stored in the directory. You will not be able to take advantage of these features until you save the number.

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