Reasons that will illustrate why mobile apps crash

Why Mobile Apps Crash

Have you ever wonder why do some mobile apps crash? What are the reasons behind the crash of mobile apps? Are developers or designers responsible for the crash of mobile apps? So many questions, here we have all your answers.

No one wants a mobile app that crashes or even slows down or freezes for a few seconds. If we believe the Dimensional research report, more than 60% of people except mobile apps start within four seconds, while more than 50% of people want responses to inputs in less than two seconds, if an app crashes, slow down, or has any errors then, more than 50% of people will uninstall or delete it.

There is numerous app that crashes even after developed by developers with high consistency. No matter if the app is running in Android devices or IOS devices, the apps do crash. According to Tom Lounibos, SOASTA president and CEO, “delivering performance through mobile applications is more challenging than anything else (for IT) in the last 30 years, because of all the different pieces.

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No wonders mobile apps are the necessity of today’s generation. But, it’s become quite annoying for users if the app crashes frequently.

Here, in this article, we will discuss some of the top six reasons causing the app crashed.

Top Six Reasons Causing the App Crashed

Memory management

Memory management is considered as one of the biggest problems that most of the mobile app developer has to face. A mobile app might be spinning too many threads and draining a phone’s resources to cause a crash to the app.
To minimize the issue, developers make sure to create an app that does not occupy a huge part of a phone’s memory.

Poor internet connectivity

Generally, mobile app developers build applications in a tech-friendly working environment where they have a super-fast internet connection. As mobile apps are created in a tech-friendly environment, most of the time, the app does not work with low internet speed.
A weak network connection is indeed one of the top reasons for crashing or slow down most of the apps. Network connectivity lessens the responsiveness of any app and can cause reduced performance, slows down, instability of app, and so on.
Developers try to create an app that can work in low network connection too.

Inadequate Testing

According to the report, there are around 24,000 Android devices and 40 variants of Apple devices.

It’s quite tricky for mobile app developers or designers to test their solutions in real-time on all the devices, especially in a low-budget project. It’s crucial to check the mobile app in at least 2 or 3 devices to run appropriately.

These days, there are numerous testing tools available in the marketers for app developers. They can easily find the bugs and fix the issues with the help of these tools.

A lot of apps in a device

There are high chances of having too many apps in a device that can trouble its functioning and crash the apps entirely.
Users must bring the app that is essential for them so that their device can run smoothly.

The bad front end

One of the other primary reasons causing the app crash is poorly optimized front-end. Mobile app developers must provide the front-end the best of the treatment so that the app won’t crash or slow.

Device incompatibility

If your device has cheap hardware, then there are high chances that your app can crash easily. Generally, Android-powered, low price-range devices are not able to handle more apps, so the app crash in the device frequently.

Final Thoughts

Here, in this article, we have discussed the top six reasons causing the app’s crash.
It depends on the developers as well as users to avoid a crash in the mobile application. Despite being careful, mobile app developers still have to face many issues while creating a bug-free app.

Understanding the requirements of users, Softkingo mobile app development company, India makes sure to create an error-free app that ensures high performance as well as smooth operations. We create a tech-friendly environment that makes our developers create dynamic mobile apps within a short period.

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