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In this 22nd century, technology has changed everything in the human’s life with emerging lots of new trends. It has changed the way humans interact with machines and also machines interaction with other devices. There was a time when desktop websites were the booming field, but that time has been passed, and desktop websites were shifted into mobile apps with the help of advanced technology. But now, mobile apps are also in the way of transforming, and IoT and Bots are the helpful instruments in this paradigm shift. In this article, we will tell you how and why IoT and Bots are the future of mobile apps?

Let’s know what is IoT?

The internet of things or IOT is a technology that provides unique identifiers (UIDs). The requirement to transfer the data doesn’t involve human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. It has evolved from the convergence of wireless technologies, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), microservice, and the internet.
Firstly, it was mentioned by Kevin Ashton, who is the Co-founder of the Auto-ID Center at MIT.

IOT in the Development of the Mobile App

As we know for everything, there is an app out there. Whether to buy clothes or accessories, order food, make payments, buy groceries, we use an app on our mobile. Almost every industry even depends on various apps. Hence, the growing app of IOT directly effects on mobile apps.

Pros of the IoT:

1. IoT app makes your daily task automated.
2. IoT app requires less investment and saves your precious time.
3. IoT app enhances your satisfaction.
4. IoT app strengthened data security measures.

Impact of IoT in Mobile Apps

According to the survey, around 12 billion devices are connected to the internet, and research says that it will increase 26 times more by the year 2020. Naturally, it connects everything that can access the connection with each other. It can lead to higher efficiency and utilization of resources. With IoT, people can get better accessibility. They can get their desired service on smartphones through dedicated apps. IoT technology helps to increase the efficiency of the business as it reduces the overall cost.

Let’s know why the future of mobile apps is IoT?

Ensures cloud-based services – Audiences can get access to the cloud by applying IoT in the mobile app. With the help of using IoT in mobile apps, it ensures that operations can be done by management quickly from anywhere.

Ensures control over their system – IoT in mobile apps will ensure that businesspeople can have full command over their network. Entrepreneurs can easily control their system with the help of using a smart device.

Control system even with no internet – By using IoT technology, you can control all your apps even with no internet connection.

Enable to collect necessary data – IoT in mobile apps, it will give you the ability to collect all the essential data by using sensors on their app which also helps you in making quick decisions.

Hence we can say that IoT is the future of the mobile application and has features such as CMS, Data encryption, and much more. It also has its cons side, such as data security issue, and so on. But it can be fixed with some useful features and tricks.

Now, Let’s Focus on What are Bots?

A bot is a software that performs the automated task like telling you about whether, setting the alarm or searching anything online. Siri and Cortana are examples of bots. These bots act like human and help in numerous ways. Whether you want to order food, search restaurant, showing your bank balance.

Pros of Bots:

1. Bots save both time and money.
2. Bots are so easy to install.
3. Bots are incredibly portable.
4. Bots are convenient and user-friendly.

How are Bots the Future of Mobile Apps?

According to experts, bots can replace all mobile apps. You can easily install a bot within your favorite messaging app.
You don’t even need to download or install it app from play store. It automatically linked to your social media account and also it is very cheaper than any mobile apps.

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