WhatsApp Kidnap Scam, How to harm WhatsApp Kidnap Scam for us?

Kidnap Scam

WhatsApp is popular worldwide for instant messaging. Users use it to send messages, send video files, or share images. Apart from that, a lot of things can be done via the WhatsApp app. Although WhatsApp is very popular, it does not have any security features that can prevent users from hacking. Currently, WhatsApp is the target of hackers. Hackers now have a new idea to trick WhatsApp users. His name is a Kidnap Scam. Through this, hackers earn money from users.

What is Kidnap Scam?

Assuming reports, hackers register the user’s SIM card by copying a user and contacting your service provider. Then, have a SIM card again. When you do this, the hackers open the user’s WhatsApp account by using OTP. Then hacked the account. By accessing WhatsApp, they send out spam messages to all user contacts. This message indicates that the user was kidnaped. The infiltrators also demand ransom.

There is a Danger in Singapore and South Africa

Recently, 10 people in Singapore were victims of kidnappings. In this, users must send money or gifts to an unknown address. At the same time, some cases have also been introduced in South Africa. Here, government officials were also attacked.

How to Aware from WhatsApp Kidnap Scam

The anti-piracy feature or the update feature is not currently available to prevent this attack. However, you can do this only if you receive such messages from a friend or family member, and contact them.

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